Wednesday, October 29, 2014

insta-month : September 2014

 Sunset from my window 
 The birthday girl and I enjoying the sunshine on the patio! 
 Celebrating my beautiful sisters birthday! It was so special to spend that time with her! 
 My first real soccer game! So fun! 
 Some of the last summer flowers finishing their bloom.
 Beautiful flowers from my sissy-pants! 
 Reminiscing back to my high school prom! 
 Celebrating 5 years with my amazing, loving and fun boyfriend! 
 My favourite type of whale! These guys are called beluga whales and they're so cute! 
 Sea creatures! such beautiful colours! 
 Tiny Jellies!
 Beautiful rescued dolphin from the Vancouver Aquarium
More fishy friends from the aquarium 
Sunday brunch with my boys! (a.k.a my boyfriend and his best friend)
 More beautiful flowers from my sister and a cheeky little present too! 
A homemade pumpkin spice latte in my new mug from chapters